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Edition 26 - Revealed: Results Of Our Rosacea Cure Product Test...
If you're one of the estimated 45 Million people worldwide who is suffering through the embarrassing pain and anguish of Rosacea, then I'm truly pleased that you've found us. The results of our recent research will almost certainly save your health, your money and a whole heap of heartache.

Hi, My name is Joanne Faulkner and if you're not one of our regular subscribers and haven't heard about our much-publicised Rosacea Cure product tests, let me quickly fill you in... and then I'll reveal conclusive proof that a unique program called Banish Rosacea is by far the most effective cure for Rosacea on the market.

Firstly, The Common Problem...

Your health & well-being is of utmost importance, and you have to be Extremely Cautious before embarking on any self-help program. You will no doubt have seen that there are many of these programs available, and as we discovered, most people end up going round in circles, putting their health at risk by embarking on dangerous and medically unsound regimes.

Personally, I lived with the discomfort, pain and embarrassment caused by my ever increasing bouts of Rosacea for many years. It got to the point where I couldn't stand to look in the mirror, all I could see was the glaring red flush on my face, and if I ever dared to have a glass of wine, well, the usual mild sunburn tingle in my cheeks would suddenly flare up into what felt like a Crimson Inferno.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did eventually find an effective program that helped to restore my skin to its former clear and healthy condition.  So when we were asked to investigate the effectiveness of the many Rosacea Cures, and to really highlight which programs people can actually succeed with, we jumped at the chance. It seemed like a really worthwhile opportunity to really prove what I had achieved was possible for others to achieve as well.

In all we reviewed 11 of the most popular Rosacea cures available, interviewed almost 160 people and polled around 340 more.

It quickly became apparent that most of the programs on the market were a complete waste of time and money. In fact, the vast majority contained re-hashed and frankly useless regimes that were either fictitious or had been copied directly from other publications.

So What Did We Discover?

Well, the 2 sites listed below consistently achieved the best results and almost as importantly, were produced by leading experts in their field.

Here's an overview of both... And make sure you read the conclusion at the end to find out which one is right for you...

"I was taking doxycycline for my rosacea. The doctor said I would have to be on a pill for the rest of my life. I was very nervous about this, that's why I started looking for an alternative. I'm so glad that I found your site. Thanks Val"

Val Atkinson
Davenport, FL

I have had rosacea since my early 30's and have been on metrogel for a year or two but quit using it as it was not helping. I am now 47 and the rosacea was getting worse than ever, even going down my neck and going into my scalp. I just didn't know what to do till I found you on google. A million thanks for what you have done for me. My rosacea hasn't quite gone yet, but the improvement is unbelievable.

Pamela Jonstone
Leeds, UK

Banish Rosacea...
So, let's start by looking at the extremely effective 'Banish Rosacea'.

The author and ex-Rosacea sufferer, Robert Campbell, claims (in great big letters!), that if you can follow 2 simple steps, he will guarantee to rid Rosacea from your life forever, and all without Miracle Creams, Expensive Procedures or Prescriptions.

These are pretty big claims, so I popped over to his website to take a look.

My first impression was - "This looks and reads like an internet marketers 101." With large attention grabbing headlines and copious amount of red highlights, I must say I was very sceptical.

But, I quickly forgave the site presentation after I downloaded the program and discovered the quality of the information it contained.

Robert starts by telling you his story, and it is clear that he understands perfectly the misery caused by Rosacea. As he freely admits he 'knows what it's like to be utterly desperate for a solution'…

He briefly tells us about some of the treatments he has tried, many of which you will have tried yourself, super-creams, topical gels and anti-bacterial agents, all of them ultimately failed.

We are then presented with 2 simple, all-natural steps, which target, fight and banish Rosacea, and which you can implement immediately to duplicate his positive results.

I won't go into the actual steps, that wouldn't be fair to Robert.
But what I will tell you is this: It Works!

Even though the results weren't quite as fast as was claimed on the website, (in fact on average they were around half as quick.) all signs of redness were completely gone in 6 days which, let's be honest, is still pretty good.

Add to this the end of all itching and burning and I'm sure you'll agree that this is a very powerful program.

Robert now lives his life with complete freedom from the pain and irritation of Rosacea flare-ups. His confidence has had an enormous boost and his self-esteem has skyrocketed.

He is so confident that he can show you how to achieve this and completely cure your Rosacea forever that he promises to refund your money in full if you're not 100% satisfied.

Overall 'Banish Rosacea' is a great program The best out of the 11 products I tested and I recommend it.

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and you can see my conclusions below

Rosacea Free Forever...
Laura Taylor, the author of 'Rosaceea Free Forever' - How I Cured My Rosacea In Just 3 Days'  is an A.H.H.A. Alternative Medical Practicioner and Researcher and was also a long term sufferer of chronic Rosacea.

After a 12 year battle with Rosacea, she became frustrated at the lack of straightforward, simple and honest information available and so took the decision to write this book.

She says "I wrote Rosaceea Free Forever for women (and men too) everywhere who hate the look of that flushed face in the mirror."

After I downloaded 'Rosaceea Free Forever' my initial impression was that it was a lot more involved that a lot of the other programs I had tested, there is a wealth of useful Rosacea information packed between the pages.  Which, I suppose with Laura being a researcher and alternative medical practitioner I would have felt short changed if there hadn't been! She talks in depth about the suspected causes of Rosacea, which triggers to avoid, common items which could set off an attack - in fact everything you could ever wish to know about Rosacea seems to be in this book.

The shear amount of information crammed into this program is one of its great strengths, but it is also one of its weaknesses.  You see, whilst 'Banish Rosacea' was a lead-you-by-the-hand, do this, this and this, type of guide, 'Rosaceea Free Forever' will furnish you with all of the knowledge that you need to try lots of things for yourself and decide which combination works best for you.

Not, I admit, an altogether bad thing, and better by far than most of the other programs on offer. It all depends on your own point of view and willingness to find your own solutions. If I were forced to make a judgement here, I would say that the quality of technical infromation within the pages of 'Rosaceea Free Forever' is very slightly better that that inside 'Banish Rosacea'.

All-in-all, 'Rosaceea Free Forever' is a great book; however I didn't feel that the outcome was as certain, leaving too many choices to the reader. I believe that the treatments suggested weren't as effective or as easy to implement as the techniques in 'Banish Rosacea'.

Click here to take a look at the website.

Rosaceea Free Forever does work, but I'd advise you to read my conclusion below before taking any action.

The Conclusion?

Well, after some deliberation my conclusion is this: If you want to treat your Rosacea quickly and effectively then Banish Rosacea is certainly the one to go for.

Don't get me wrong, the techniques in Rosaceea Free Forever DO work and if you spent a little time trying to implement everything then you will find relief from your Rosacea.  There is a possibility that the reason I see the value of some of the mix and match information contained in Rosaceea Free Forever is because I have spent such a long time researching and experimenting with Rosacea treatments. You may not be able to dig out the gems as easily.

So that's it. If you want a simple and effective cure for your Rosacea, if you want to claim back your life and venture out in public without a single worry of an embarrassing flare-up, then go ahead and

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