Rosacea Symptoms – Are Sunny Days Causing Yours?

Rosacea SymptomsHere’s how to go about relieving your Rosacea symptoms the easy way. It is possible, so don’t believe that it isn’t. The tips I’m going to share with you in this short article can help you to find relief from your Rosacea without really affecting your daily routine. So if you’re ready to take the next step in easing your Rosacea symptoms, READ THIS NOW.

Rosacea Symptoms – Are Sunny Days Causing Yours?

There are many different things which are known to trigger Rosacea outbreaks but, once you understand the things that bring on your own Rosacea attacks you can easily introduce some simple changes to your lifestyle that will have an enormous impact on both the frequency and intensity of your Rosacea symptoms.

I’ve listed here one of the most common triggers and some tips which will enable you to control your Rosacea without too much disruption to your life.

Rosacea symptoms – Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight almost certainly plays a role in the aetiology of Rosacea, although the symptoms are most commonly seen amongst those with a Celtic heritage and complexion.  Rosacea symptoms which may indicate a sun related flare-up occur mainly on the exposed convex areas of the face and may seem more apparent around unprotected areas around the eyes.

The actual constituent within sunlight which is believed to be a main cause of Rosacea amongst susceptible parts of the population is UVA light.  These rays have a relatively long wavelength and are therefore not absorbed by the protective ozone layer. For this reason they are responsible for between 90 and 95 percent of all ultraviolet which reaches the surface of the earth.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and are largely responsible for the early stages of suntanning but they are also implicated in premature skin aging, and more importantly for Rosacea sufferers, they tend to suppress the immune system.

So what can you do if you believe that your Rosacea symptoms are brought about by exposure to sunlight?

Luckily for us, the solutions to this particular Rosacea trigger are pretty simple.

The first thing that you should try to do is, wherever possible, avoid exposure to bright sunlight as much as possible.  I’m not suggesting that you become a hermit and never set foot outside the door, but rather, whenever the sun shines down, try to resist the temptation to peel off and don your flimsiest summer tops, instead cover up exposed skin with light and airy blouses.

You should also wear a wide brimmed hat to limit the exposure of your face and particularly you cheeks to the sunlight.  And finally, don’t forget to apply a good quality suncream, your local pharmacy will be able to order a Rosacea friendly brand if they don’t already stock one.

Just by following these three simple tips you will soon find that your Rosacea symptoms will have significantly decreased or even disappeared completely.

Rosacea symptoms

Natural Rosacea Cures – Histamine Hysterics

Are you sick and tired of opening an article about natural Rosacea cures only to find that it is just the same old stuff? Stay out of the sun, cut back on the booze, don’t get stressed… all great advice, but just how many times do you need to be told about it! This article is different.  In the next 2 minutes I’m going to tell you about something which could be a major trigger for Rosacea in your life, and you probably don’t know anything about it.  If you really want to find a natural cure for Rosacea then read this article now.

Natural Rosacea Cures – Histamine Hysterics

Natural Rosacea Cures histaminesYou probably come into contact with histamines every single day and are not even aware of it.  This pesky little substance is found in  high quantities in lots of everyday foods like, sour cream, yogurt, spinach and vinegar.

So why should you be concerned about histamines? Well, there are a number of ways that histamines can affect Rosacea sufferers. The first thing that you should know is that histamine a known biogenic amine which will often trigger an over-response from the bodies immune system.  In addition histamines are very effective blood vessel dilators.  This means that your blood vessels will expand, causing a rush of blood to occupy the empty space.  This is what often gives Rosacea patients the red face or flushing appearance that we associate with the condition.

But it doesn’t end there. Studies have shown that histamines are able to leak from the micro-vascular bed.  This can often cause an outbreak of papules, the red bumps that we know only too well, and inflammatory  pustules.

So what can you do if you discover through the Rosacea Elimination Diet that histamines are one of your own Rosacea triggers.

Well the first thing that you should do is remove as much exposure to this substance as possible. So replace beef and pork with lamb and chicken, which are safe for most people. Avoid any product which contain tomatoes, tomato sauce or tomato paste and cut out any yeast based products, although bread seems to be OK for the majority of Rosacea patients.

If you know that you will be eating something that contains high levels of histamine and you are unable or unwilling to avoid it, then taking an anti-histamine table a couple of hours before the meal may help to quell the symptoms of a Rosacea flare up.

As with most Rosacea cures, it is often more about what you eliminate from your diet rather than a magic cure-all Rosacea pill.

Natural Rosacea Cures

Natural Rosacea Treatments – Menu Mistakes

Natural Rosacea TreatmentsHave you been diagnosed with Rosacea? Do you want to find a way to put an end to all of the embarrassing Rosacea flare ups and stop you face flushing bright red? But are you scared to carry on using prescription medications? Maybe you should be! The newspapers report almost daily about the pharmaceutical companies being sued and prescriptions being removed from the shelves. Perhaps it is time to start looking for some natural Rosacea treatments and advice on how to remove  your trigger for Rosacea from your daily life.  You should read this article now.

Natural Rosacea Treatments – Menu Mistakes

There are a number of things that we all consume in our daily diets that we just take for granted. Foods that we have been brought up to believe are inherently good for us, and that unless we over consume them, will have nothing but beneficial effects. But we were wrong!

You see, our favorite, everyday staples, meat and dairy can both wreak havoc amongst Rosacea patients.

Both of these foods share some common components, in particular a sugar molecule called Neu5Gc, which is a type of glycan. This molecule is sometimes referred to as a sialic acid.

So why is this molecule with an instantly forgettable name so important to Rosacea sufferers?

Well, the livestock which the meat and dairy produce comes from produce this sugar molecule as a part of their normal metabolic function.  Unfortunately, Neu5Gc isn’t naturally produced by humans.  So when we consume dairy products and meat we are ingesting large amounts of a substance that the body see’s as alien.  It’s response is to develop anti-Neu5Gc antibodies to seek out and destroy the invader.

This can then trigger a massive immune response leading to chronic inflammation and another Rosacea flare up.

This could also be one of the reasons that dairy is one of the three food groups most likely to cause an allergic reaction amongst the general population.

In addition to Neu5Gc, meat also contains a high concentration of a compound called Tyramine.  Tyramine, a mono-amine is a histamine like substance which has been shown to dilate blood vessels, encouraging blood flow close to the surface of the skin.  This then presents as the red face and flushing that we all know so well.

There is also reason to believe that many Rosacea patients are also suffering from a reaction to the food additives, such as nitrates and nitrites, which food manufacturers often include in meat products.

Meat products that are known to contain these additives include luncheon meats, hot dogs, smoked ham and our breakfast favorite, bacon.

So when you are looking for natural Rosacea treatments, try to keep in mind that many Rosacea cures rely not on a magic substance that you put into your body, but what harmful substances you leave out!

Natural Rosacea Treatments

Four Triggers for Rosacea

Triggers for rosaceaHere are 4 well known triggers for Rosacea that you should know about.  Just by avoiding these five everyday items you could be well on your way to finally finding a solution to those embarrassing Rosacea flare ups and painful outbreaks.  Give it a try today.  Eliminating these items should be simple to do and the results could amaze you. There is no benefit to waiting a couple more  days, a few more weeks or a few more months.  If you are serious about finding a Rosacea cure then you need to take action today.

Four Triggers for Rosacea

Strong Sunlight

Although exposure to sunlight is important for us as we need it to aid the bodies production of vitamin D, there is no doubt that it is a major trigger for Rosacea for many people, particularly those sufferers of Celtic descent who tend to have paler skin.


A staggering ninety-one percent of Rosacea sufferers have recognized that stress is one of the most common triggers for Rosacea for them.  Of those people, sixty-seven percent claim that anxiety will trigger a flare up and a further fifty-four percent have seen an increase in Rosacea attack brought on by feelings of anger.

One of the reasons that stress is responsible for so many Rosacea flare ups is because when the body becomes stressed it releases a substance called adrenaline.  This gives the body a boost of energy in preparation for either a skirmish or a quick escape.  Unfortunately adrenaline is also a vascular dilator, which leads to an almost instant red face and flushing outbreak.

Excessive Exercise

We heave had it drummed into since early childhood, ‘Exercise is good for you’.  And whilst that is most certainly true, it is also true that excessive exercise is a well known trigger for Rosacea in many people.

If you can’t bare to go without your daily trip to the gym, then try to alter the type of routine that you do to take your Rosacea into account.  Instead of an aggressive 30 minutes pumping iron, try doing 10 minutes. rest for 10 minutes and then do another 10 minutes.  Give you body time to recover before each routine and try to stay as cool as possible during your workout.

Extreme Temperature

Most Rosacea patients seem to know instinctively that extremes of temperatures are a trigger for Rosacea, and studies have shown that they are correct.  Eighty percent of Rosacea patients questioned reported that their condition was aggravated by hot weather.

But it isn’t just the weather that can effect Rosacea sufferers.  Simple things that most people wouldn’t give two thoughts to can also be triggers for Rosacea for many.  Things like setting the heating in a building too high or stepping into a bath or shower with the water set too hot can all induce nasty Rosacea outbreaks.

If you suffer from Rosacea or you know someone who does, then by just paying attention to these four well known triggers fro Rosacea could enable you to finally get your condition under control once and for all.

Four Triggers for Rosacea

Rosacea Cures Using A Trigger Tracker

Rosacea Cure trigger trackerIs there an simple cure for Rosacea?  Yes… and no!  It all depends on how you define ‘Rosacea cure’.  If I could reveal the secret to reducing your Rosacea outbreaks to such a level that you could almost forget that you even had the condition, would you consider that a cure? Well this short, 2 minute article is going to do that. So read on if you are ready to take control of your Rosacea.

Rosacea Cure

The first thing that you need to understand about controlling Rosacea is that there is no all curing magic pill. No matter what the advertising tells you, believe me, there isn’t a miracle, ‘clear your Rosacea up in a day’ cure.  What there is, is a tried a tested, systematic method, which will, over time, drop both the frequency of your Rosacea attacks and the intensity of the flare ups, to a level close to zero.

This method is called the ‘Rosacea Elimination Technique’.

So what is it and how can you implement it?

As a Rosacea patient you are no doubt aware that you tend to suffer Rosacea flare ups after you have been exposed to certain elements, such as some foods, drinks or various weather conditions. These are known as Rosacea triggers. Unfortunately, Rosacea triggers are not common to every Rosacea sufferer. So while red wine may be one of my triggers, you may be able to polish off a bottle with no effects whatsoever (other than being very merry!) The Rosacea Elimination Technique’ is a way to simply track what foods, drinks, elements or other factors are your own personal Rosacea triggers so that you can limit exposure and with it Rosacea flare ups.

Implementing the Rosacea Elimination Technique is vary simple, but does require you to be organized.

I found that the best way to do this was to create a journal and log down a daily entry.  For the first two weeks of the journal I noted down absolutely everything that could play a part in my Rosacea flare ups.  So I listed everything that I’d eaten, everything that I had drank and all my snacks and nibbles (I was surprised at the amount of chocolate I could eat in two weeks!)

Next, I recorded what the weather conditions were like. Was it hot, very hot, cold or windy? Did I go into a warm room from a cold environment?  What was the temperature of the rooms I was in set at. Comfortable or too warm.

Finally, I noted what my moods were like. Was I anxious, angry, happy and was there something that was causing my stress levels to be high?

After two weeks you will have a comprehensive list of the factors in your life which could be contributing your Rosacea flare ups.  Now, the hard work starts.  You need to go through your list is a systematic way and isolated every individual possible Rosacea trigger and then remove all exposure to it for the next two weeks.  Make sure that you only remove a single item at a time or you could easily miss your trigger.

Carry on your journal and record what affect, if any, removing each item has on your Rosacea flare ups.  If the frequency and intensity of your attacks stays the same, then reintroduce this element back into your daily ritual.  If you notice a reduction, no matter how minor, make a note, as this could be one of your Rosacea triggers.

Continue doing this until you have tested every element on your list. You will now have a list of safe elements and a list of potential triggers.  By simply removing exposure to all of the items on your potential triggers list, you will find that your Rosacea flare ups will all but disappear.

Rosacea Cure